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The third Saturday of each month free with El País.The third Saturday of each month free with El País.Two simple letters changed everything.In 1858, Louis Vuitton decided to identify the pioneering trunks that he had begun to manufacture (easily stackable and with a theft-proof lock) by engraving his initials on them, a privilege until now reserved for members of royal houses and which he, in a lower-class family, decided to appropriate it to prevent possible imitations and symbolically reinforce creativity over craftsmanship.Thus was born the idea of ​​the logo as the great intangible of luxury fashion.The rest is history.In 2021 it will be 200 years since the birth of Monsieur Vuitton, and the house, today the flagship of the LVMH group, wanted to honor his pioneering spirit with a large traveling exhibition, 200 trunks, 200 visionaries, an enormous amount of work that brings together the work of two hundred figures as relevant as they are eclectic, from the Korean pop group BTS to the great feminist activist Gloria Steinem, from the firm's former designer, Marc Jacobs, to Gentry Stein, yoyo world champion, or the world's most famous make-up artist , Pat McGrath at Arrival 184, a sustainable automotive company."We didn't want to stick to just the 'usual suspects,' but people from all walks of life who had a visionary attitude to their work," says Faye McLeod, director of visual image for the entire LVMH group (she currently oversees the windows of more than of 460 stores).McLeod spent more than 200 hours on Zoom telling each character involved what the guidelines were: a 50x50x100 centimeter box (the original dimensions of the brand's first trunk) that they should use as a canvas to express their concerns and ideas with total freedom. , through whatever medium, from painting to sculpture or augmented reality.It took them about a year to create and assemble the works, and this past summer, they placed some of them in the windows of various stores (the images of many others were projected on a loop inside).Now those 200 personalized boxes are gathered in a traveling exhibition that opened in Asnières (the French town where Louis Vuitton's leather goods headquarters are located) at the end of last year and that this April has stopped in Singapore to later go through Beijing (May) New York (September) and finally London (October)."The idea is that the visitor checks that we are still creative and experimental, and that our products are open to all kinds of synergies and collaborations," says Faye McLeod.The trunk designed by Gloria SteinemTo further support this idea that links innovation, creativity and the future, Louis Vuitton has donated 10,000 euros for each work (a total of two million euros) to a dozen associations that support young people without resources who want to dedicate themselves to artistic professions.Next December, once the exhibition is over, these 'containers of ideas' will be auctioned at Sotheby's and the profits will go to create scholarships.The trunk designed by Ibrahim KamaraThe LVMH group seems to be committed to transmitting knowledge to new generations.Last fall, the company announced its intention to hire no less than 25,000 people under the age of 30 this year."From all sectors and training levels," they declare in the statement, in which they also detail that 5,000 of these positions will be offered through educational scholarships with craft and fashion design schools.Article updated on May 23, 2022 |12:38 p.m.Newsletter It's rare to liveStories and essays about culture, intimacy and feminism in your email.Tania Llasera: «I have written a book for all the women who are fed up with the cunt, who are literally the majority»How to best survive a job that pays your bills but makes you unhappyThe failed proposal of Disneyland Paris, the latest success of a genre that triumphs on the internetThe flat shoe trap: abusing it can be as harmful as heelsMinidresses, transparencies and lace: the most provocative trends take over bridal fashionThe best news stories, fashion, beauty and feminism in your email every week.